Education, sadly, is not created equal. You need to think long and hard about your motivation for college and what you want to achieve upon graduation. Of course, not everyone goes to college so that they can earn a serious wage. Others choose to go to college to ensure that they are expanding on their current knowledge and skill set. After all, there is no replacement for passion. But, if you want to go to college so that you can earn a viable and lucrative career, there are some majors that are more valuable than others.

Here are the top four.


Engineering is one of those careers that can take you anywhere. The route to becoming an engineer means having to pick your speciality. Whether you want to go into biomedical engineering or plastics engineering, there is some serious money to be made within this industry. On the whole, you can earn up $97,000 per year as an engineer. What is more, there is an acute shortage of highly skilled engineers. With more professional courses available than ever before, you can find your niche within this increasingly lucrative sector. From decoupled molding training to biomedicine seminars, there is a world of choice for you. Engineering is the most profitable job role. With so much onus placed on engineering throughout the world, it may be wise to pick this kind of major.

Maths and Statistics

Maths is something of a lost art in the modern world. But, the need for skilled mathematicians and statisticians is growing daily. Applied and advanced maths can see you earning in excess of $80,000 per year. Governments and official bodies always need these bright, sharp minds within their parties. This kind of role can ensure that you have a job for life. Much like engineering, there is a severe shortage of mathematicians. Of course, maths is not for everyone. But, if you are keen to put your brilliant mind to the test, this could be an excellent job for you.

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Economics, much like maths, is always needed with governments. Economics ensures that you study the political, social and the mathematical. It’s a great role to go into. But, it’s one that requires a lot of hard work. As an economic specialist, you will have your pick of the jobs. From financial departments in big corporations to Wall Street, the need for economists is growing daily. Some accountancy firms will even look for economists within their field. There is a vast amount of choice by taking this kind of major. But, it can also ensure that you have a good wage too.


The hard sciences have fallen out of favour with students of late. As such, the need for kick ass physicists is a must. This job, within an academic setting or large research facility, can ensure that you have a brilliant wage in excess of $50,000 per annum. Of course, physics is all encompassing and has many different branches. But, it’s not just science where you can contribute a valuable role. Investment analysis and system developers usually come from a physics background.

In a data driven market, employers are looking beyond the humanities. It’s time to unleash your inner science nerd if you want to have a high-flying, well paid career.