Driving can be a daunting prospect for many young people. The road can seem like a hostile environment, filled with potential disasters. And then there’s the money! It’s not cheap for young drivers nowadays, in fact, it’s incredibly expensive. So maybe it’s understandable that some young people are so reluctant.

There are still so many reasons why learning to drive is a great idea though, especially for young people and students. Yes, it may be more expensive but driving still offers the same thrill and liberation that it always has. Here are my top 6 reasons why you should learn to drive.


By the time you’ve reached your late teens, you’re starting to think about moving out and escaping your parents back bedroom. But if you can’t afford to move out yet, then driving can offer a good alternative.

When you know you can just jump in the car and drive off anywhere in a second, the world can seem like a much bigger place. You’ll find yourself going on adventures with your friends that you would never have before.

Driving is a Great Skill to Have

Learning to drive provides you with loads of new skills. It’s not just the driving, although that’s important, obviously! You also learn greater responsibility, how to deal with stressful situations and, hopefully, how to be more mature.

The tests themselves can be a great way of preparing yourself for all the studying and tests that will follow in your university life. So, why not get learning and book your theory test online with an official site?

Your Career

Some careers may require you to drive as part of the job. And I’m not just talking about driving jobs! A lot of ordinary employers may need you to travel independently. You don’t want to complete your studies and then find out your job requires a car and license.

A clean driving license can also prove to an employer that you are a competent and reliable employee, no matter what the job is. So, add it to your CV once you’ve passed.

17 6 Reasons Students Should Learn to Drive

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You Get Control of the Radio

That’s right, a driving license means no more lifts from the parents. And that means no more terrible dad music. It may seem like a simple thing, but you’ll appreciate it once you have it.

Imagine all the other terrible things you won’t have to put up with anymore too. No more sharing the car with people you don’t want to. No more heating on during summer or windows down in winter!

It’s Good to Have Just in Case

You never know when being able to drive might come in handy. Maybe an emergency will arise, and a driver is needed. Sometimes you only use your car once in a while but still need it! If this sounds like you, remember to get an insurance policy that reflects your low usage.


There are certainly cheaper ways to get ID, but it’s a nice byproduct of learning to drive, that’s for sure. You keep it with you at all times, so you’ll never be refused alcohol for not having ID again! What’s not to like?