The thing has two sides; it’s funny and at the same time it’s scaring for most of the students when they are said to write an essay, especially when they have to fill up the whole page with a quality essay. Is this true that every time you develop phobia when ordered to write an essay in competition or in classroom normally? Now don’t worry! You are reading right post and in this post I will introduce you with the top 6 secrets to write an essay. First of all before moving further keep in mind that the tips will only work for you if you are keen interested to follow all the tips properly and if followed then success in essay writing is guaranteed.

1.      Pre-Planned content

This is something most important for almost every type of composition. Most of the people say that there is no need to think of all details before writing. You just need to think of a good plot and start writing. That way may also work as you can keep on adding more ideas and content in your essay in-between but it is more likely that you will find your final essay a much disorganized one. Also it will take you a lot of time to write in that way. So it is always important that you have a proper plan from start to end of an essay before writing. This will organize your ideas more nicely and will take less time. You will be able to write the masterpiece in a single attempt!

2.      Unique Title

Title is another important part of essay. As it says, ‘first impression is the last impression.’ If you have given your essay a unique and relevant title, it will for sure attract more readers and more positive responses. For example, if you are writing an essay on the 7 wonders of World, it is obvious that the most common title will be something like ‘7 wonders of World.’ Instead of these common and obvious titles, try using your creativity to make a unique and relevant title. That title may include some special phrases, quotes or anything like that.

3.      Opening sentence

This part is equally as important as the whole body of your essay. This might be mistaken with the whole introduction or plot of your essay. This is actually the first sentence of your essay. If you manage to get this one really amazing then it will be much easier to carry it on further and end up with something unique and most comprehensive. Some nice examples of good opening sentences include a question, a quote or maybe a controversial statement on which your essay is based. You may also use an anecdote but make sure you know how to use them effectively. For that you may read the work of some nice authors like Malcolm Gladwell.


4.      An interesting body

Once you are done with the introduction, move to the main body of your essay. You must keep in mind that you essay should be really unique using influential content. Without that you will never be able to achieve your audience’s appreciation. For that you may include some suitable humors in your essay, create a proper flow in your content by nicely linking each paragraph with the other, addressing the reader with some relevant questions and add some appropriate quotes. These all things will keep your reader interested in your writing and you may end up with a nice feedback.

5.      Omit unnecessary words

This is important because you do not want to make your essay just boring for your reader by stretching it. Write in clear and precise words which are easier to understand. This will give a nice impression.

6.      Sensible ending

If you fail to give an appropriate ending properly summing up all the points and arguments you made. It should be relevant; solving the entire questions you made in-between your essay, giving a clear and accurate reply to the main topic of the essay. In case if you make an abrupt ending or fail to write something nice, then it may hamper all the progress you made just spoiling the worth of the essay. So be careful!

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