We spend four to six years in higher education. When we get out we are right back in the bottom of the heap. We have to spend months looking for a job. When we find one, it is years until we are recognised for the work we do. Is it a harsh world for young students fresh onto the job market. But does it have to be? Do you want to be led or would you rather lead? Why not skip this never-ending process and be your own boss? You can start while you are in college. By the time you finish your degree you will have the starting blocks of your own business. How to you do this? Follow these steps.

  1. Build up an online profile

You can get a jump start on this while you are at college. Set up a few social networks. You probably already have ones you are using. But, you will need separate accounts from this if you want to keep them when you are using your business. Use these to follow big players in the industry you want to join. For example, if you want to go into tech follow tech experts and big companies like Apple. See if you can tweet news links first when fresh info comes out on products or services. Your feed will quickly be followed by people interested in the industry. You can also ask your friends and family what services they would like to see from your future company. Get a feel for your potential customers.

2. Get Your Degree

Potentially your future business is going to be related your degree. Note, it does not have to be, but it would help. Therefore, it is important you do the best you possibly can. Study hard and get the best results. If you do well in college, you may be headhunted for a career position. It will be your choice whether you accept the offer or continue your business venture. But once you have your degree you have an opening. For example, if you have a degree in marketing you can start a website offering expert marketing advice. But it can work for any degree you have chosen.

3. Get Assistance

You may require some additional expertise to help you get set up faster. After you finish college, we advise you to look at companies that have been specifically set up to help people like you. For instance, a performance marketing agency will help you optimize your website. Using their services, your company will be seen on a far bigger market and gain a lot more interest. It will not cost a lot, and the amount you spend will soon be washed away by your profit.

4. Do Some Hard Work

We did not say it would be easy. It will be difficult keeping your online business profitable at first. You will need to spend time updating it daily and adding new information. But eventually that work will pay off. You will be able to hire help to run the website. You can get other people to write it for you. Finally, you will own a company and have your own workforce to help run it.