As a business-savvy member of today’s world, you know that the best way to accelerate your career is to advance your educationby pursuing an MBA. And while deciding to stay (or go back!) to school can be a difficult choice, the next challenge is finding the right program. With every business school in the country clamouring for your tuition fees, it can be tough work determining which institution truly cares about its students and offers the best return on investment. So look for these features when seeking out a new academic home and you’ll never regret your decision to return to the classroom.

financial analyst Choose The Right MBA Program And Never Look Back

In our interconnected world, national significance can only go so far. Your ideal school should receive global accolades and recognition and be a top destination for international students. One highly sought-after accrediting body is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, or AACSB International. This organization conducts regular, peer-review based surveys of business schools to determine their ongoing commitment to growth, excellence, and student success. Not all business schools will receive this endorsement, so you’ll know you’re dealing with a top-level institution if it can boast the AACSB’s seal of approval.

The best Canadian MBA schools are also committed to your career after you graduate. Professional development workshops organized to strengthen your communication and presentation skills should be mandatory in every leading institution. Your MBA destination should have a dedicated career services staff to help you prepare applications, hone your interview skills, and highlight your transferable strengths. Part of post-graduate success also means gaining access to a meaningful employment service (or job-listing) database, which can give you exclusive access to exciting vacancies that would otherwise be difficult to find.

Any MBA program that is truly confident in its courses will be proud to share success stories and testimonies from numerous program alumni. While you’re enrolled, there should be alumni networking opportunities to connect you with other like-minded individuals in your field, widening your pool of contacts and giving you a taste of what’s to come after you graduate.

Flexibility is another hallmark of the best schools. Whether you decide to pursue full-time, part-time, co-op, or a dual degree (combining your MBA with an MFin or CPA, for example), your school should offer multiple paths to any graduation ceremony. Flexibility in course work and subject matter is also vital for today’s specialized work force. The best MBA schools in Canada will work hard to offer a comprehensive, integrated, and often holistic overview of every essential aspect of modern business, but they’ll also provide you with a chance to focus on a particular stream. Narrowing your field to a specialization and access to a wide array of elective options means you can get exactly what you’re looking for, even in a generalist program like an MBA.

Canadian MBA programs will uniformly boast their leadership and innovation in the world of post-secondary education, but this all amounts to empty talk unless they can prove their dedication to their students. Proper international accreditation, professional development, great career services, alumni relations, maximum flexibility with delivery and course load, and choice in specialization and elective courses are all hallmarks of the best MBA schools currently accepting students. Earning your graduate degree is definitely worth the time and effort, so long as you find the right institution. Know what to look for! Start your research now and prepare for the journey and experience of a lifetime.