Universities and colleges have some of the best facilities in the world for young sports people. However, thousands of new students fail to take advantage of them. It’s easy to ignore sports and fitness at university. You’re already meeting new people and experimenting with new adventures. Who has time to stay fit and join sports teams?

Well, we’re here today to tell you the benefits of joining a team. It needn’t take over your student life; all you need is a spare two hours a week. You’ll stay in shape, learn vital personal skills and set yourself up for the future. Before you run away and head back to the nearest house party, take a quick read through this guide.

12 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Join A Sports Team At University

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Expand your social circle – At university, you’ll meet more new people than at any other time in your life. You’ll make friends that stay with you forever. Of course, many of us stick to the immediate people around us; our roommates or class colleagues. But, join a sports team and you might meet people who are a bit more like you. Choose your favourite sport and you’ll find people who share your tastes and ideas.

Let out your stress – College and university are trying environments for new students. The workload is heavy and stressful. Making new friends and the pressure of a new place increases stress and anxiety. The best way to eliminate this stress? Exercise! Join a club and take your frustration and stress out on the field.

Try something new – Your student days are a time to figure out more about yourself. You’re free from parents or peer pressure of your old school. Be truthful to yourself and try something new that you’ve always wanted to do. University caters for every possible activity whether its sailing, archery or ultimate frisbee (yes that’s a real thing).

Grow your personal skills – Sports are all about teamwork, leadership and communication. These are things that are essential to your future wellbeing. They are valued by employers and will help you advance your career. Put on those rugby shirts or netball vests and learn to be part of a team. Learn to communicate and trust the people around you and make steps towards personal growth.

Stay in shape – Just about everyone who’s graduated college will tell you they fell victim to lack of fitness. University opens up many new opportunities to you. But, few of them involve healthy eating and exercise! You’re away from home with changing eating (and drinking) habits. It’s easy to lose fitness, put on the pounds and watch your strength drain away. Once you reach the other side and graduate, you’ll regret not staying in shape.

Boost your CV – Joining a sports team really does boost your chances with employers. It shows motivation, drive and each of the personal skills we discussed before. In a saturated world of graduates, do everything you can to stand out.

If you’re still not convinced, we’ll let you get back to partying and studying. But, trust us, you’ll be pleased you joined a team once you graduate. Stay healthy, boost your career prospects and let off some steam!