Becoming a student is one of the most exciting and one of the scariest things to do in life. You are still really young, but you are suddenly out on your own trying to keep your life on track when everything has changed so much. Washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning can be quite alien to you at this stage in your life. Combine that with studying hard and attending lectures, and you could have a recipe for disaster. Keeping on top of it all while you are trying to keep a hold of your own personal interests is incredibly hard.

It is at this point in life where you find you are losing touch with much-loved friends, and not keeping in the loop so much with stuff at home. Worse still, some of the things you used to love to do at home may have to be put on hold. Some students miss their old sports teams while others miss jamming with the gang from their old band. Whatever you are missing, it is very important to try and keep some of it alive in your new life at University.

89 Great Ways To Cope With The Upheaval Of University Life

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If you used to play in an orchestra back home, look to do the same at Uni. Keep your playing alive by finding a class near you. Look up violin lessons London online, to see if there are some classes nearby to keep you going. Search for whichever instrument or area you prefer. Even if you haven’t played an instrument for a while, it could be worth investing in some lessons to help you get back into it. Most importantly, you can enjoy the social life that comes with being able to play a musical instrument.

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University is a tough time in life for some because so much suddenly changes. It can feel like you are thrust into the big world without any training or experience. If you are shy, it can be even harder because a lot of University life is all about meeting, befriending and working with people you have never met before. This is why continuing with old hobbies like music is so important. It gives you important common ground with like-minded people.

It is very important to maximise your social life at University, and music certainly is one of the best ways to do that. Uni life isn’t all about studying, lectures and drinking in the Union bar. It is about self-improvement and self-discovery. You should be able to make friends for life with the people you meet at University. Try to take advantage of every opportunity to put yourself in new situations and surroundings. Whatever you are studying, University will supply you with great knowledge across a much broader range of subjects and interests.

Music is important to everyone. If you can play an instrument, you are probably the envy of the many who can’t. Keep pushing your abilities and interests with further lessons from new teachers. You may soon be regularly meeting with the best musicians your Uni has to offer!