When you first go to university, it is an excellent idea to join a society or two. You are likely to find your first year at university scary, and so you need some social support around you. If you have a particular interest, you can develop it by joining a group. Think of a hobby that you adore, and join a society that fits that passion. Once you are part of a society, there are loads of fantastic things you can do. Here is some advice to help you improve your club this year.

59 How To Improve Your Student Society: Awesome Advice

Image – Francisco Osorio

1. Have society bonding sessions

You need to get to know each other before you can do anything at all. You should spend some time learning about everyone in the group and their lives. You can arrange social events, such as skiing or canoeing, which will help you to bond. Having a strong relationship with everybody in the society will make your time at university fun.

2. Rally together for a cause

One of the best things about being in a society is that you can change things for the better. If you agree with the politics of the rest of the group, you can form a rally and protest unjust things. Students tend to attend a load of protests and demonstrations. If you don’t agree with particular things, your group has the power to take a stand. Talk about possible event ideas and changes you would like to see in the world. You could even start a petition to spread the message.

3. Raise money for your university

If your school needs funds for something, your group can help to raise some cash. Remember, there is power in numbers. Because you are a society, you can do a great deal for your university. For example, let’s say that your academy needs a new building for something. You could get together and start a campaign to raise the finances for it. You might want to offer laser engraved pavers to people who make generous donations to the cause. You will need to appoint someone to take charge of the campaign and take things from there. Talk to your university and see whether there is anything you can do.

4. Create a social support system

If you ever feel lonely at university, your society should be there for you. You now have a tight-knit group of friends, who can help you with anything you want. You should arrange for a small group of people to take on the role of counselling their peers. That means that if anyone has an issue, they can approach the group and get some much-needed advice.

5. Host study groups

When exam season rolls around, you need to get your head down and start revising as soon as possible. That doesn’t mean that you shock lock yourself away in your dorm. Instead, you need to host a study group with people in the society. Research shows that studying together is the best way to learn new things, and so everybody will benefit when you start a group.

6. Recruit new members

You should always find ways to expand your group and reach out to new people. When there are fairs at your university, you should make sure that you have a stall so that you can encourage new members to sign up. You should also ask your other friends or people that you meet if they would like to join you guys.

You need to ensure that you make the most of your student years, and a massive part of that comes down to socializing. Don’t hide away from other people. Instead, get out there and meet like-minded students.