New technology makes life easier in an enormous range of industries and areas of life. In education, the use of technology both in and out of the classroom has made learning easier. It’s broader and more accessible than ever before. Although students don’t need to use technology all the time, there are lots of ways it can expand their learning. It also makes the operation of schools simpler too, from running office administration to staying in touch with parents. New technologies have made school easier for staff, parents and students in recent years. Whether you have children starting school or you’re attending university, here are some of the most useful technologies for both in and out of the classroom.

33 New Technology In and Out of the Classroom

Michael Coghlan

Communication Systems

New technology has revolutionised how we stay in contact with each other. It began with email and moved onto more sophisticated systems. But some schools have yet to move on from sending letters home. Luckily there are tools that schools can use to make communication with parents and students easier. School-home communication doesn’t need to be complicated. You can use an app to send messages to parents via email, SMS and personal messaging systems. Parents can see private messages from schools. And they can respond to them without the hassle of paper, telephone calls or going to school. Many technologies for schools are becoming more mobile to make it possible to manage things anywhere.

Tablets in the Classroom

There are lots of pieces of technology that schools introduce into classrooms, but one that many try out is tablets. Tablet computers such as iPads are excellent for bringing a whole host of tools into the classroom on one device. They can serve as interactive tools that children can use in groups, and they can perform a broad range of different tasks. From drawing and learning to play music to spelling and numbers, they’re useful to engage children and let them get on with their work instead of just listening to the teacher. Many schools are looking at using games to help engage children more. And, of course, they’re useful in higher education too. They can help you keep track of your work, take notes, record lectures, and more.

Admin and Productivity Tools

Education isn’t just about teaching; there’s also a lot going on behind the scenes. Handling administration, finances and other essentials is a large part of running a school. Many of the tools other industries use for productivity are useful for education too. For example, cloud computing using systems such as Google Drive are useful for working collaboratively. Specially made administration software for schools also helps to improve things. They can be used in many places, from the office to the classroom and even out on school trips. They can help with creating, distributing and analysing report cards. Or with managing events for staff and students.

There will lots more technology entering the classroom and other areas of schools in the future. With plenty of institutions trying out new things, we’ll soon see what works and what doesn’t.