A career in law candefinitely be a long and rewarding one, but as each journey starts with a single step, a law career begins with getting into the right school. Law schools look at many factors when determining admission, with the two most important being your GPA and LSAT score. You can distinguish yourself with extracurricular activities, work experience, and amazing letters of recommendation, but a low LSAT score will always put you at a severe disadvantage.

The LSAT, or Law School Admission Test, is an entrance exam most law schools use to determine a candidate’s suitability for their rigorous courses and seminars. Similar to an SAT, which most Americanstaketo get into their undergraduate programs, the LSAT tests reading comprehension, logical and analytical reasoning, and writing ability — all essential skills for any lawyer or legal professional. The test takes about half a day to complete and is administered four times a year: in June, September, December, and February.

Since the LSAT is so integral to being admitted into the law school of your choice, taking an LSAT preparation course—or series of courses—is always a smart idea. The LSAT can be a difficult exam, and no matter who you are or where you come from, it will always require many hours of study and homework. While you can practice on your own, good LSAT prep courses can teach you the patterns and techniques used in standardized test scenarios; these will help you master even the most difficult or puzzling questions. No one can expect to just waltz into a test and do well, especially one this important. The difference between a mediocre LSAT score and an excellent one is thus often a good LSAT prep course!

Another reason why you should consider enrolling with a professional prep organization is to combat anxiety. A test this important can cause a lot of performance-affecting stress. The problem-solving techniques taught by test prep instructors simplify a complicated process, banish unknowns, and increase comfort levels greatly. LSAT courses provide plenty of practice sessions on problem areas, exposing you to the format and type of questions you’ll be expected to answer so that there are no surprises. The right kind of preparation will let you stay calm, collected, and optimistic on test day — and for some people, a little boost to their confidence is all they need to achieve incredible results.

A proper LSAT test prep provider employs instructors with years of experience tutoring others in test taking; they are often people who’ve earned exceptional LSAT scores themselves. As experts in their field, good instructors will pass on their own experiences, methods, and success stories so that you can excel. They put in hours of time to give you personal attention and make sure all your questions are answered long before the test. The finest LSAT prep course in Toronto from organizations like Quantum Test Prep, one of the very best in North America — are conveniently scheduled on nights and weekends, and their instructors are available for individual assistance. A premium provider like QuantumTest Prep can even let you retake the LSAT prep course for 6 months free of charge if you don’t receive the score you were hoping for on your first exam attempt — an incredible incentive to enroll.


If you are serious about getting into law school, an LSAT prep course is an important first step in your personal journey to success. Get the confidence, skills, and know-how you need now, and make the first move!