As a busy University of Illinois health informatics student you likely don’t have much time available for a daily beauty routine. With that said you still want to look your best and look after your skin. Well here’s the good news, even if you’ve got just a couple of minutes to spare you can make use of these great time saving beauty tips.

Look for All-in-One Beauty Products

One of the easiest tricks you can use is to look for all-in-one products that take care of several steps in one. A great example of this product is BB Cream, also known as Beauty Balm Cream. These creams typically combine your SPF protection, a moisturizer, and a light foundation all in one. You can find them in a variety of finishes such as satin, matte, or dewy so you can really customize your look.

Besides being a time saver it’s also a money-saver since you will only be buying one product instead of three. This works particularly well when you’re on a student’s health informatics budget.

Pick a Simple Hairstyle

One of the most time-consuming beauty routines is dealing with your hair, whether it’s long hair or short hair. There are just some cuts and styles that require more effort on your part to keep them looking good.

A great tip is to ask your hairstylist for a style that will be easy to care for and require little prepping on your end. Just think how much time you could save on blow drying, straight ironing, curling, and styling if the cut just looked great from the moment you woke up.

Organize the Night Before

Here’s one that is sure to save you all kinds of time in the morning. It’s a wise idea to organize yourself the night before. What this means is laying out your clothes, getting your makeup out, and organizing your face wash products. This means in the morning when you’re in a rush you won’t have to scramble around looking for things. It also means you won’t have to make any decisions first thing in the morning.

Stick to the Basics

If you are going out for a night on the town, then likely you will want to take the extra time on your makeup routine. When it comes to heading to class, there is no problem with sticking to the basics. What this means is simple products such as blush, mascara, and a bit of lip gloss. Thanks to the BB cream you’ve already used, your face will smooth and even, so there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics where makeup is concerned.

Make Life Easy for Yourself

By making use of the time-saving beauty tips you will in fact be making life easier for you. You will feel less rushed and stressed as you head out the door, which then sets the whole day’s tone. You’ll look great, which will leave you feeling great. Before you know it these time-saving tips will become second nature and you’ll forget what mornings used to be like.