There are lots of reasons to celebrate the end of school. Some are good reasons, and some are bad reasons. No more homework and no more exams, but also no more slacking off in English! The hard work is about to start as you head off to further education, or to work. Either which way, you have a rite of passage to think about first – your Prom! This final event is the last time you may see the vast majority of your classmates, for better or for worse. Plus it is your last big blowout before you are on your own in the big wide world.

Proms for girls are all about the outfit. For the guys, it is more about the date you take. Traditionally, girls pick an elaborate dress, not far off the ballgown mark. This makes most movements difficult, especially when coupled with high heels. If you are going to your prom, you definitely need to take the car. Hiring a car from somewhere like Limos North West means you can enjoy the party without having to worry about the parking. Several of you can get together for the ride and to cover the cost. Plus, there is nothing quite like the feeling of arriving in style in the back of a fancy limo!

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Once you are at your prom, things may get emotional. Not only is the prom a big celebration but it is also a big goodbye. This lends itself to some people wanting to get a few things off their chest at this very last opportunity. Try and keep your calm if you are in the middle of one of these potential altercations. It can ruin the night for everybody if the shouting and screaming turn into punches.

The prom is also a last opportunity for declaring undying love, so be wary of any inappropriate propositions! If you feel it necessary to let someone know you have a secret crush, be prepared for a rejection or worse. Proms are rarely the place to start a relationship with the one you’re going to marry, but they are great for a bit of fun. Alcohol is usually a bad idea at proms, so if you are tempted be mindful of what you might be getting into.

Hanging out with your mates is the best bit about prom. You can reminisce about all the good and all the bad bits of the last year at school. If your school is in a small town, be aware that this prom is all anybody is likely to be talking about in the morning, so try to keep your dignity! Pranks are pretty common at this kind of event, so try to keep a good sense of humour if it happens to you.

Finally, when the night draws to a close, you can pile back into the limo with your friends and head home. Hopefully, you will all be in a good mood having drawn a final line under school. There may be a few tears shed, and one or two embarrassing moments. Whatever happens, your entire future starts in the morning.