Choosing the right major or field of study can be tricky, but that decision can be made easily now that we’re seeing a huge economic boom and demand for professionals is higher than ever. Careers in criminal justice, for example, are widely available. There are some interesting jobs to choose from too, from a career as a Youth Counselor to serving as a DEA or FBI Special Agent. These jobs are also very rewarding and the growth in demand for new professionals is at around 11% at the moment.

Top universities such as Portland State University are making their criminal justice programs more available than ever by providing them online. You can complete the bachelor’s degree program in as little as 24 months, which means the market will be even more lively by the time you finish your study.ccj careers criminology Why Criminal Justice Is a Great Field to Be In

The Top Careers for Students of Criminology and Criminal Justice infographic by Portland State University has all the information you need to get started.