Celebrating the end of your college career is imperative. After all, you need to make sure that you see out your educational years in style. You don’t want to say goodbye to your dorm mates, but with the academic year coming to an end, it’s time to arrange your goodbyes. You don’t have to say goodbye and leave it at. You need to make sure that you are seeing out your student days in style. Throwing a grad ball is the best way of celebrating your newly found status as a graduate.

If you’re not sure how to throw an amazing grad ball, you need not look any further. Here is your ultimate, one-stop guide to throwing the grad ball of the century.

5 Your One Stop Guide to Arranging a Grad Ball

Andrew Schwegler

Decide on a Theme

When it comes to choosing a theme, you need to consider your options. Do you want all out glamour in terms of a ball? Do you want to make sure that everyone is in a tux and ball gown? Or do you want something a little less formal? You could choose to have a theme that ties in with your alma mater colors. You could just have everyone turn up in jeans and t-shirts, if that is what you guys feel comfortable in. Think about your theme carefully and decorate accordingly.

Flags, banners and balloons are an excellent way to decorate your chosen venue. What’s more, these are cheap to source online too. Again, stick to your alma mater colors for maximum impact and for a feeling of togetherness. You can even add some of the sports flags and emblems of your university around your university. After all, you are celebrating the end of your academic career; it’s always nice to pay homage to the place you studied at.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the perfect location is vital. You need to think about the size of your guest list. Are you keeping the party small and intimate for you and your classmates? Do you want to have a great big party with everyone from your class year? Once you have honed the invite list, consider your location. Your dorm may be a great place to start. But, check out any venues on campus that will be happy to accommodate your party.

Arrange Transport

If you are deciding on having a party off campus, you may want to consider your transportation options. Take a look at specialist student travel sites, such as bergenlimo.com/prom-limo-nj for more information. You don’t have to cover the cost. If you create tickets to your event, you can add the transport fees on to this. You can let people know the additional costs without breaking the bank.

Music: The DJ vs. Band Dilemma

Now, it comes to down to choosing the perfect music. When anyone is throwing a lavish party, they want to get the atmosphere right. Do you want a band or DJ or both? Consider your budget and how much you can afford. It may be cool to get a band from your university to perform at your event. Put out a Facebook appeal for DJs within your uni. They will love to play at your grad ball. What’s more, they may do this for free.